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30 Night Dreampod Trial Policy

30 Night Dreampod Trial Policy

Sleep is a very important part of our life, something everyone spends a whole lot of quality time on sleep. It is unfair that you are picking a mattress at the store or online by just seeing, touch and feels for a hasty 5-10 minutes. At Dreampod, You Have 30 Nights to make a mattress decision at your own home, within the 30 nights from the date of delivery, we will do our best to ensure that the return process is as simple - as possible. We request you that you sleep on your new Dreampod mattress for at least 20 - 25 nights before you make a final decision to return. Every individual needs a " Comfort - Adoption" period to set the mattress as per sleep pattern. 

If you’re not completely satisfied within 30 nights of sleeping on your new Dreampod mattress, we will take it back with absolutely no hassles and give you a 100% refund.

Exceptions to Return / Refund Under 30 Nights Trial Policy  

  • We believe customer satisfaction is more important, as an organisation to ensure this offer is not being misused by anyone; we have identified some exceptions to Dreampod 30 Nights Trial policy. 
  • Mattress Return or Full-Refund request will not be approved in case of inappropriate usage or physical damage to the mattress. You need to return the Dreampod mattress in a good condition. 
  • Mattress Return or Full-Refund request will not be approved if any severe liquid spillage, stains, dirt or damage is visible or found on the mattress during the inspection process. 
  • Mattress Return or Full-Refund request will not be approved if the mattress is used on an improper/uneven surface without a proper base. 
  • Mattress Return or Full-Refund request will not be approved if the mattress is visible or found to be exposed to cold, mould or hot temperatures for a period that causes the materials to damage or permanently deform. 
  • Mattress Return or Full-Refund request will not be entertained if the customer opts for a return due to wrong or incorrect Mattress Size Order. It is always suggestible to cross-check the size before placing the order. 
  • This policy is limited to one mattress return per household per year. 

Terms and Conditions for 30 Nights Trial policy 

  • 30 Nights Trial is applicable from the date of delivery of the mattress. In case of a swap between other models, 30 Nights offer will be still calculated from Day 1 the first mattress got delivered.
  • 30 Nights Trial is applicable only on standard sizes mattresses. Non-standard sizes (Custom Size) mattresses do not fall under any Trial Offer. 
  • During the 30 Trial periods, you may decide to return the mattress any time before the end of 30 nights for a full refund. In case any freebies are provided with the order, the refund will be after deducting the freebie cost. 
  • Mattress Return and Full Refund on 30 Nights Trial offer will not be applicable if the product falls under Exception to Return / Refund under 30 Nights Trial. 
  • Dreampod 30 Nights Trial period applies only to the original authenticated purchaser of genuine Dreampod Mattress purchased from
  • This Dreampod 30 Nights Trial policy is limited to one return per household per year (365 Days).
  • Please retain and keep a copy of your original tax invoice as proof of purchase. You’ll need to submit this original invoice to make a refund claim, without a valid invoice, YK Group /Dreampod can reserve the right to reject any claim under 30 Nights Trial Offer. 
  • Mattress Return or Full-Refund will be accepted only if the product fulfils the Return Criteria (Refer to Return Criteria fewer than 30 nights Return Policy). 
  • Dreampod Mattress requires you to share the photographs 6 sides (top, bottom and 4 sides) of the mattress while opting for a return. Failure to send improper vision photographs may result in a return request being cancelled.
  • The Dreampod Mattress Return or Full-Refund requests must be associated directly with YK Group/ Dreampod Mattress no later than the 31st day from the date of delivery of the mattress you want a refund on.
  • Mattress returns will be inspected and picked up within 7-10 days of raising a return request. All Dreampod Mattress approved refunds will be processed within 15-20 days once the mattress has been picked up for return. 
  • YK Group / Dreampod Mattress can reserve and has the right to refuse the 30 Nights Trial Offer to anyone associated with a mattress manufacturer/brand.
  • The Mattress Return or Full-Refund final decision on refund under 30 Nights Trial offer will be made by YK Group/ Dreampod Mattress. The company can reserve the complete right to refuse any request claim if it doesn’t fulfil the Terms and Conditions of the 30 Nights Trial Offer.
  • Disputes, if any, are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.


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