Various aspects cause lower back pain in the twenty first century the life style has completely changed; most of the time is spend working on the laptops or PC or looking at screens like mobile or gaming device. Due to which we have pressure point developed at shoulder, ribs, and muscles and at any region of the spine.

Back pain is basically of two types, acute pain which lasts for a short period and second one is chronic which last for a long time. Lumbar pain or lower back pain is usually caused due to sudden movement or lifting heavy weight for which you need to consult an orthopaedic doctor.

Back pain can be reduced by proper selection of mattress for sleeping. As body and gravitational force acts downward this is balanced or counter acted by the force exerted by the mattress. The material used in the mattress decided this force and which helps in supporting and aligning the spine in right position.

Firmness and support are two different characteristics which are normally misunderstood. Mattress with higher firmness is not necessary will give you proper support even soft mattress can give you proper support. A good mattress has both comfortable and supportive functionality.

Firmness is subjective sensation that we get when we sleep on the mattress. It’s a myth that firm mattress are the best for people suffering from lower back pain or body pain. Medium firm is the ideal firmness required for proper support system of the Spine which helps in reducing lifestyle back pain. The firmness required various upon your sleeping style.

If your aside sleeper shoulders should sink in, lower back and hip position should receive a firm support. If you sleep on your back a slight gap is generated between your shoulder and lower back points. This touch point needs to be properly supported.

Another factor which need to be consider is the weight of the person for a heavy weight person a stronger force is created for which a heavy weight person prefers a firm mattress, but light weight person mostly avoid the high firm mattress as it makes him feel they are on the board of the mattress.

spine care

From the above figure it is clear how the actual shape of the Spine is affected due to usage of too hard or too soft mattress. This can lead to develop pressure points along the spine; this is also true in the case of joints. Pressure points can lead to long term deformation which can finally lead to chronic back pain. This can be reduced by selecting correct mattress.

To get correct firmness in mattress memory foam comes into picture. Memory foam was developed by NASA in 1966 for improving the cushioning of aircraft to increase its safety. It is also called viscoelastic polyurethane foam. After commercialisation it was used in vehicle sit, footwear and mattress.

Its unique and outstanding property of regaining its original shape after pressure is released was found highly useful in reducing back pain when used in mattress due it contouring property as per the body shape which help in supporting and aligning spin properly and reducing the pressure points.

The density of memory foam used place an important role 60 to 85 kg/m3 is considered as standard and is considered beneficial. 24 to 55 kg/m3 have lesser contouring property while anything lower density is of no use.

Latex is another highly recommended material which is also regarded as one of the best options for chronic back pain issues. The most appealing thing about it is the fact that it’s more responsive than memory foam and it’s generally cooler. However, it’s also not typically quite as contouring.

Dreampod Orthopaedic Memory foam mattress: Say good bye to back pain 

It is exclusively designed to provide relief from lifestyle back pain. The rebonded foam base gives vital support with a plush layer of memory foam which contours to the natural shape of your body. Encased in high GSM premium knitted fabric for a luxurious feel.

The mattress adapts to the sleeper’s body. It takes the shape of your body providing uniform support throughout. That’s why we call them Orthopaedic rebonded Memory Foam mattresses. They also help distribute the body weight uniformly across it, ensuring no blood clots and restlessness. By realigning your spine, neck, and hips, this can effectively correct a poor sleeping posture

Given the optimal construction, these mattresses ensure that there is no motion transfer, so that one person’s tossing and turning does not interrupt the other person’s sleep on the same mattress.

With such strong benefit and being manufactured in India makes Dreampod Orthopaedic memory foam mattress one of the best in its class mattress.