Memory foam is used in combination of various materials to form a complete mattress. The base material or intermediate material varies and mostly memory foam layer is used as a top layer for giving a best and comfortable feel.

In spring mattress mostly Bonnel or pocketed spring manufactured from steel are used as base material. Bonnel spring gives firmer feel compare to pocketed spring. Than various intermediate layer are used which may be either normal polyurethane foam or convoluted foam followed by memory foam.

High density foam or High resilience foam is also used as base layer foam used is mostly of 40 to 50 densities.

Re-bonded foam when used as a base material gives a stable, firmer and durable structure to the mattress, in Dreampod 4 inch re-bonded foam  and bigger cell size memory foam is used which makes the 6 inch memory foam mattress the best in class mattress.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) introduce memory foam in 1960 for airplane seats to reduce the pressure and intensity of landing and takeoff. Due to its property of absorbing pressure and regaining shape it was introduced in medical field and was also used in wheel chair.

Memory foam counters as per the shape of the body due to this essential property memory foam became popular and got commercialised in footwear, sports and mattress industry in 1990.Production of memory foam was initially costlier and too expensive. With new innovation methods and technology development the costing was further reduced.

Benefits of 6 inch Memory foam Mattress:

Six inch memory foam mattress is the most favourite mattress among the customer due to its various benefits which it offers as mentioned below.

Natural alignment of spine: Memory foam has a unique ability to contour as per the shape of the body and regain its original shape due to which proper support is given at the shoulder point, lower back and hip position. It is also suitable for all type of sleeper be it side back or stomach sleeper. Due to which pressure points are not generated and helps in reducing back and muscle pain due to natural alignment of the spine. 

Memory Foam mattress

Anti allergic: Memory foam having high density cellular structure does not allows dust mites or mol to borrow through making it hostile to microbes making it anti allergic. Thus giving a cleaner and hygienic surface.

Memory foam provides temperature control: Memory foam is manufactured using a temperature sensitive material which helps mattress to adjust body weight and temperature. As body temperature increases mattress becomes softer.

Zero disturbance and motion transfer: If your partner has different sleeping pattern or schedule or keeps on tossing and turning it can cause you a sleepless night. But Memory foam having the property of absorbing the motion instead of transferring, gives you a zero disturbance feeling.

Durability and lasting: The 6 inch memory foam mattress has a life of 7 to 10 year due to its visco elastic property. It has better durability compare to spring, Coir or only foam mattress.