If you are looking out for quality and healthier sleep than you must try dreampod best mattress. There is various reasons to choose this mattress over other brand but some of the main reason its quality and density of memory foam used. 30 days free trial assures you the money will be refunded if you don’t find the comfort and support of the mattress as per your requirement. Dreampod believes in manufacturing high quality

Mattress so it gives 10 year manufacturing warranty.

Keeping Indian sleeper in mind and their sleeping habits the mydreampod has an inner layer of knitted fabric which absorbs the sweat from the sleeper body and avoids it reaching to the foam layer. Ensuring the mattress remains all time fresh and odour less. Top fabric is of high gsm knitted specially structured fabric due to which air circulation is maintained throughout the mattress.

Best Brand Memory Foam Mattress

Natural spine alignment

  • Reducing pressure point
  • Proper blood circulation
  • Zero motion transfer
  • Edge support to the mattress
  • The transition layer placed between the high density and firm re-bonded foam helps in proper support of back and ensures memory foam and re-bonded foam are properly function its role.

    The re-bonded foam is of high density which is manufactured by compressing virgin foam to get higher density. This ensures firm support to the back and increases sturdiness and durability of the mattress.

    The best brand dreampod is not compressed to avoid damage to foam cell structure which further damages the durability of the foam and its functionality. Mattress is mostly compressed to reduce the transportation cost.

    Dreampod mattress while packing has proper edge support, than it is packed with high micron polythene cover followed by layer of laminated vardan layer.

    A proper company warranty card is sent along with the packed mattress. Mattress is delivered within 7 to 8 days for standard area but area which come under oda delivery is done within fourteen days.

    Dreampod  trial period of 30 days if you don’t like the comfort and support you can return the mattress and get the amount refunded.

    Product: dreampod orthopaedic memory foam mattress

    Mattress material: high density rebounded foam, transition layer and memory foam

    Mattress usability: usable on orange grey side

    Shipping: direct from factory

    Warranty: 10 years manufacturer warranty

    Custom size mattress : selecting the best quite mattress could be tedious job but it becomes much easier once you have already decided the proper brand and mattress price. Dreampod mattress offers mattresses altogether possible sizes like single, double, queen, and king sizes also . But if you think that that you simply need a customized shape and size of the mattress then you want to choose custom mattresses at dreampod mattress which may be either reversible mattress or orthopaedic mattress online type. You only need to take the measurements and supply them before finding out . Once you order foam mattress online and put all the specified dimensions, you'll presumably receive the delivery within 14 from the date of order.