At gym we ensure during various exercises that our form or position is correct so that we gain maximum from it and avoid any injury. Same is in the case of sleep; our sleeping position plays a vital role. If we had a good quality 8 hours of sleep we feel energetic the whole day and self motivated.

Various Sleeping Position:

On your Stomach

On your Back

On your Side


Sleeping on your stomach: If it comes to ranking the sleeping position sleeping on your stomach would rank last, its big no-no when it comes to your slumber pose

Major of our body weight is at the centre of our body and the core pushes it further resulting into severe back pain as the down ward pressure miss align the spine and strains it further.

Sleeping on our stomach result in back and neck pain. It can also add to our muscle and joint pain. This is the reason why you must be getting up sore and tired placing a pillow below your lower belly can help reducing the back pain.



Tips for sleeping on your stomach

1.       Use a small pillow under your pelvis to reduce your back pain.

2.       Change your neck position to avoid stiffness

3.       Do not tuck your hands below the pillow to avoid numbness and pain

4.       Place your arms in goalpost position


Sleeping on your back:

Around 8 percent sleep on their back this position is one of the best positions and which is healthier. Not only has it helped reducing your back pain but also your muscle and joint pains. Its helps in keeping your skin looking fresh and protect from wrinkles due to pillows and gravity.

This position not be suitable or people suffering from snoring and pre lower back problem.

Tips for sleeping on Back:

1.       Use pillow below your knees to increase back support as it puts your spine into neutral position.

2.       Sleep with your legs spread and arms out as this position help to evenly distribute the weight.

3.       Avoid using high height pillows that pushes your chin to your chest.


Try Using Dreampod Soft cosy fibre Pillows

Sleeping on your Side:

This position is the most healthiest and recommended. Though our body may look symmetrically aligned but the organ placement makes it unsymmetrical internally our sleeping position influences how it process waste and direct it. This is considered essential for healthy wellbeing.

Left side sleeping is preferred to right side as it helps in

Better Digestion: Increases life of the valve which transmits waste from small intestine to large

Reduces heart burn: Left side sleeping position keeps the stomach and gastric juices lower than the esophagus. This avoids acidity and leads reducing our heart burn.

Increases Brain health: Side sleeping helps to clear waste from our brain and reduces our risk of developing Alzhemeir and other neurological diseases.

Reduces Snoaring.


Tips for Side sleeping:


Use a best pillow for your neck support


One third of our life is spent sleeping or trying to sleep which clearly affect our health along with better sleeping position using a right mattress is very important so do visit for best in class mattress varieties.