Dreampod: Reversible Mattress Firm And Soft Feel In One

Stuck in a dilemma to go for a firm or soft mattress? You need hard feel and partner needs it soft a big concern, Dreampod mattress has a solution for it

Reversible dual firmness mattress one side is medium firm and other side is medium-soft both the feel in one mattress and of course at reasonable pricing.

Developed with the concept of giving both feel soft and hard in one mattress, so that customer doesn’t have to spend on purchasing two mattresses for comfort and varied firmness requirement.

How is the Reversible mattress different? :

The base layer is high-density foam which gives firm support and helps proper alignment of the back. The top layer is made of super-soft foam which gives the cosy soft feeling. Apart from the feel it also beneficial and useful as per the season. During winter you can use the soft side on the top and get the cosy feeling. During summer you can use the firm side to get the better support and firmness.

Main Layers of the mattress:

Base layer: made of high-density foam to give better support and firmness. It also increases the life of the mattress.

Top layer Foam: made from super soft foam to give cosy and soft feeling.

Soft Knitted Fabric: The inner cover is made from knitted white fabric to ensure proper air circulation and ensure the sweat and the odour is not reached to the foam layer. Helps to keep mattress cool

Top layer: High GSM knitted fabric for better air circulation and give a plush feel.

Main Benefits of the mattress:

  1. Lightweight: can be easily shifted from one place to other.
  2. Dual comfort soft and hard feels in one mattress.
  3. Can be useful when you have guests the side can be flipped as per their needs.

Maintenance of the mattressYou can vacuum clean the top fabric layer for dust and wipe it with a wet damp cloth. We suggest using a mattress protector to avoid any nasty spills and drops on the mattress. Dreampod mattress protector is 100% cotton fabric on top.

As you invest large amount to own the mattress its necessary to keep the mattress clean and fresh. Dreampod cotton mattress protector available in three colours helps to maintain your mattress hygiene and freshness for a long time.

Sleep Better for Healthy Life.