Use Better Mattress for Better Sleep

Most of us ask is there any relation between quality of sleep and type of mattress used and the answer is "YES"

Average 6 to 8 hours are spent by each person on the mattress for sleeping which rejuvenates and re energies the body. therefore it is very important on what type of mattress are you sleeping, mattress vary as per the person can spend time visiting various mattress stores and taking trials of various brands and varieties available. various combination types such as.

  1. High-density foam plus Super soft foam.
  2. Bonded foam plus memory foam.
  3. Coir mattresses.
  4. Spring Mattress.
  5. High resilience foam and memory foam.
  6. Latex mattresses.

Are available depending on which mattress gives you best comfort can be selected,Online various brand have been introduced which are giving free trial which is added advantage to the customers.


high quality memory foam mattress

Dreampod Mattress manufactured by YK GROUP has come up with two range of mattress

Reversible Mattress: HR foam plus super soft foam which gives hard and soft feel in one best memory foam mattress

Orthopedic Mattress: Rebonded plus Memory foam for better back support, memory foam used helps to contour as per your body shape.

Various economical and quality accessories such as Pillows, comforter, and mattress protectors have been launched which act as sleep-enhancing elements.

We believe in giving customer complete sleep solution through our ergonomically designed and quality premium product.

Mattresses produced by experienced specialist with handpicked highest quality material for healthy and comforting sleep.

Dreampod Dual firmness (soft and hard) is a reversible mattress which gives you feel of both soft and hard mattress in one single purchase. Dreampod orthopaedic mattress comes with a firm base of Rebonded Foam and cushioning layer of Memory Foam which contours as per your body shape to give you relieve from your lifestyle Back pain. Our Sleeping pillows for cosy and better head support so you fall into deep sleep. Our peached finished reversible comforter designed to give you right amount of warmth during sound sleep.

Our Cotton fabric 100% waterproof mattress protector is must to protect your premium mattresses from any liquid spills, sweat and nasty odour.

So go ahead and own your premium range of king and queen size Mattresses, Comforters, Pillows and Mattress protector.

The ultimate choice for sleep perfection and wellbeing

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