How to Measure your Mattress

While purchasing a new mattress choosing the correct size is very important it depends on the 

  • How much free space you required while sleeping.
  • How many people are going to sleep on the mattress
  • Size of the room.

The mattress is available in four standard sizes: 

Mattress Size Guide

  • Single
  • Double
  • Queen

  • mattress bed

Dreampod Single Size Mattress:

Suitable for Single Sleeper.

One child or one Adult.

Available Sizes: 72X36  75X36  and 78X36 Customised Size also Available.

Dreampod Double Size Mattress:

Suitable for 2 kids or Single adult and newborn child.

Available Sizes: 72X48  75X48 and 78X48 Customised Size also Available.

Dreampod Queen Size Mattress:

Suitable for two adults or two adults with a small kid.

Available Sizes: 72X60  75X60 and 78X60 Customised Size also Available.

Dreampod King Size Mattress:

This Mattress is spacious and larger in size which can fit into the master bedroom.

Suitable for two adults and one child.

Available Sizes: 72X72  75X72 and 78X72 Customised Size also Available.

All Above Size Come with 5" 6" and 8" thickness.

Guide to take measurement of a bed for a new mattress:

Measure the length from the center of the bed as shown in the below figure.

Measure the width from the center of the bed as shown in the below figure.

Keep the measuring unit common ie: Inches

mattress bed

Now You have the correct size required for your mattress please do visit

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