If you would like to have the healthiest and energising sleep quality and therefore the best memory foam mattress, then you wants to try mattresses from Dreampod Orthopaedic Memory foam mattress, it promises to supply you a full comfortable experience all night. There are plenty of reasons to settle on this mattress and one among them is 30-day free trial which suggests if you are doing not just like the mattress after purchase, you'll return it and receive a 100% refund. Dreampod orthopaedic memory foam mattress is extremely confident about its product quality so it provides a manufacturing warranty for 10 years.

Most of the body recovery happens when we sleep but it is not true with most of us. Many of us spend sleepless night due to various pains like chronic back pain, joint pains and muscle strain the main reason being the quality of the mattress being the quality of the mattress. In market various types of Memory foam mattress are available on basis of material, size and fabric used but none of the manufactures have taken into consideration the sleeping habits of Indian people So Dreampod has come up with mattress which suits the sleeping style and habits of Indian Sleepers. we, at Dreampod, understand that the matter isn't almost insufficient sleeping hours, but it's also about the standard of sleep, which is directly impacted by your mattress. So we at Dreampod have manufacture a highest quality Orthopaedic memory foam Mattress providing you with the much- needed relief because it helps you sleep with none trouble and allows the natural recovery process to require hold.

Dreampod Memory foam mattress are available various price range factors which affect the worth are quality of the bottom material, density and thickness of memory foam used, quality of knitted fabric used and eventually the dimensions of the mattress.

Material usage in Dreampod memory foam mattress: For base material we use re-bonded foam of high density in order that it gives firm and proper support to the spine and also increases the sturdiness of the mattress this material helps to extend the firmness of the mattress which is suitable for people affected by lower back ache.

Memory foam of upper density which has better responsiveness and recovers its original shape quickly, it also helps in better blood circulation and relief from pressure points giving even support throughout the body. 

Fabric used is of High GSM knitted specially designed structured fabric selected for better body support and luxury feel. Breathable fabric helps to stay your bed comfortable and funky even on hot summer nights.

This are the most element which increase the value of the mattress depending upon the dimensions the usage varies.

The price of memory foam mattress vary as per the sizes.

The first decision you would like to form is what size you would like for your Dreampod memory foam mattress to be. You’ll get any size from single to king-sized memory foam mattresses so you've got all the choices you would like to urge the simplest size for you. For couples king or queen memory foam mattress is comfortable because you have got much space for every other. And if your partner moves frequently in the dark you will not feel the movement because the memory foam mattress comes with Zero disturbance feature. and since memory foam mattresses are quite bit more flexible than a standard mattress , you'll even get the larger sizes through cramped staircase or

around awkward turns.  

Best memory foam mattress

Zero Disturbance Memory foam Mattress


Price range of memory foam mattress Size wise

  • Single Size mattress Starts from Rs 8100 which is comfortable for single adult or grown up child
  • Double Size mattress starts from Rs 10800 which is suitable for single adult and child. Queen Size
  • Mattress starts from Rs 13500 which is suitable for 2 adults. King Size Mattress starts from Rs 16200 which can easily accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. We also manufacture customize size as per your need. We also have monthly and seasonal schemes running which will help you to get additional discount through coupons.